All Them Witches – Sleeping Through the War (New West Records)


What we have here is a careful musical mixture of intricate Pink Floyd and Jim Morrison style Doors vocals and vibe. It’s psychedelic in places and trippy in others, but is built on a solid foundation of sensationally touching music. Often lumped in with the ‘stoner’ label All Them Witches are much more than that. The Nashville quartet harvest a cleverly crafted resonance and what they draw from, along with what they create, is both captivating and unique. There’s nonchalance to the record, which captivates the listener immediately as album opener Bulls brims with a catchy undertone that sets up the bands unmistakable groove. The heavy tone of Don’t Bring Me Coffee has an almost grunge like feel whilst closing track Internet is simplistic, but reeks of sheer brilliance. All this makes for a record that you need to play from start to finish as you just can’t cherry pick any of the incredible tunes on here…Mark Freebase

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