El Chapo – Visions Of The Dead

A steady slew of releases has seen El Chapo shoot to the forefront of the Bristol and South Wales scene and the guys latest efforts may be there most potent offering yet. ‘Visions Of The Dead’ is the bands 4th release in as many years and see the band sticking to the tried and tested formula of riffs born from the sludge scene with a groove that you might find in a lot of 90’s hardcore. Eyehategod and Biohazard’s disgusting love child if you will.

But as the instrumental of  ‘Introduccion’ rumbles in it’s clear that this is a band who have really found their stride and are operating at full steam. ‘Out Swingin’ is a straight up threat to those who dare oppose them and on this form, why would you? ‘Wronguns’ is a track that showcases the latter aforementioned band’s influence with a noticeable dip into hardcore territory, but the stand out track if you are asking this guy is ‘Demon Eyes’ An intro that wouldnt be out of place on an Obsessed album, breaks down into a menacing affair that sees guitars drop in and out over a truly nasty bass riff that brings to mind bands like Cavity or Sourvein.

A well placed ‘Twin Town’ sample opens the title track and indeed the closing track to the E.P. Featuring the vocal stylings of Merv from Priest Crippler, the main riff chugs along nicely, like Helmet playing with Grief’s set up, but it all comes crashing down deliciously when Merv’s Seth Putnam impression sends the whole track down a disgustingly, dangerous sludge infested path. Pretty sure I’ve said this before, but it still rings true, El Chapo just continue to go from strength to strength. If you aren’t already down with Chapo, then it really is time to sort that out… Chris Andrews






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