Dogtown Rebels/The Destructors – Terrorismo


Dogtown Rebels/The Destructors – Terrorismo (Rowdy Fargo Records)
Two bands, 3 tracks each. So, let’s start with Dogtown Rebels. On first listen I thought I had gone back 37 years and was hearing a band from 1977, perhaps that is what they were going for with all the whoa, whoa, whoas. Featuring members of Infa Riot, Special Duties and Red Flag 77 this is for fans of the retro ‘77 punk explosion with fists pumping in the air and singing “you’re a plastic cockney”.
Next we have The Destructors who seem to bring something new out every month. Nothing special or outstanding as the songs just seem to plod along at an average pace, not seemingly having any real substance, there was even a NOFX song in there that completely passed by me. Paul Hoddy

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