Treason – No One is Safe 12” (New Age Records)

Hey kids, saddle up and get ready, it’s time to bring the mosh and get your best pit practised and hardened moves ready as Treason have arrived to push you to your limits and far beyond what you ever thought was biologically possible.  Treason hit like Judge on steroids and are all about beat downs, slowed down slam infused choruses and dance parts that effortlessly combine with rapid fire, heavier than a bulldozer filled with concrete chug-a-thons that’ll make you completely lose your shit. And just like the meanest mutant who ever suited and booted up and brought the pain worldwide, a mission statement and life goal that Treason share with the aforementioned hero, these Hardcore titans are the best at what they do. Don’t just take my word for it, hit play. Go on, I dare you… Tim Cundle

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