The Proletariat – The Murder of Alton Sterling 7” (Bridge Nine)

Now this excites me – the first new material in over 30 years by one of Boston’s most cerebral and exciting bands, and thankfully it does not disappoint. Although lumped in with the early 80s Boston Hardcore scene (mainly due to the short length and spikey sound of their material) The Proletariat never really sat comfortably under that banner, having more in common with the angular sound and left-leaning politics of Gang of Four/Wire; elements of which are present in both tracks on this 7”. The title track is a stripped down attack on the murder of Alton Sterling by police in Baton Rouge with the ferocity of the music and Richard Brown’s vocals clearly displaying the bands disgust and frustration with the subsequent lack of charges against the police officers responsible for Sterling’s death. It’s the band at their most Hardcore and is complimented by the (slightly) more restrained Push Back which best captures the band’s post-punk sound and incitement to fight back against the world’s injustices. It’s inspiring to discover a band still determined to change the world rather than embrace the jaded cynicism that often accompanies getting older. Welcome back gentlemen, now let’s have a full length album. Ian Pickens

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  1. Full length LP later this year. Saw them a few weeks ago in Providence, Rhode Island and they were on fire.

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