Territories – Colder Now (Pirates Press Records)

I’m going to cut straight to the chase. Along with their label mates The Drowns, Territories are one of the best bands that I’ve stumbled across in the last half decade, and Colder Now, their new record just reinforces that belief. This Albertan wrecking crew have captured lightning in a bottle time and time again, and like the finest of barrel aged bourbons, just keep on getting better with age.

Colder Now is pure, catchier than insanity at the tin foil hat booth at a David Icke convention, blue collar rock and roll that picks up where Bruce Springsteen left off with Nebraska, adds a touch of early eighties George Thorogood and tops if off with a double helping of The Bruisers and Social Distortion. I think I’ve just spent an afternoon listening to my favourite record of the year… Tim Cundle

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