Lion’s Law – Si Le Ciel Vient à Tomber (Une Vie Pour Rien)

This album collects all of Lions Law tunes sung in their native French language, so spans their whole career and throws in a couple of new numbers for good measure. The inclusion of a French version of Lafayette is a stroke of genius for me – it’s great to hear a new version of my favourite song by Lion’s Law. You can hear how Maraboots and Hard Times came together with renewed brutality and sowed the seeds that became Lion’s Law. 

Classic French oi! inspired by the great and with nods to contemporaries here and there (bonjour les Survet Skins…). I think touring with bands like Terror has taken Lions Law out of their traditional zone. You can hear touches of modern hardcore stomping all over their streetpunk sound, and it makes their beat of the street compelling listening. The musicianship is top notch, in fact I would put them – together with Catalan punks CRIM right at the top of their league. A killer collection from the kings of the Parmentier jungle. Tom Chapman

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