Lies – Abuse / Plague (Southern Lord)


Is it a crime to be pummelled to a state of near unconsciousness by vicious, uncompromising D-Beat style Hardcore? If it is, then someone had better slap the cuffs on Lies, throw them in the back of the Mariah and cart them off to the deepest, darkest prison cell known to humanity and leave them there for all eternity, because every single time I listen to this record it slaps me around like a highly paid dominatrix.  Brutal, fast and darkly addictive, Lies are a band who learned everything they know about music from Deviated Instinct, Logical Nonsense and Mayhem (circa Deathcrush), and smashed it all together into a wailing, alluring maelstrom of Hardcore intensity. More akin to a weapon of mass destruction than a record Abuse / Plague will tear the flesh from your bones and piss all over your entrails, and what’s more, you’ll gladly let it do so. Over and over and over again… Tim Cundle


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