Harm’s Way – Posthuman (Metal Blade)

The idea that at some point, providing we don’t wipe ourselves out first, in the far future that humanity will evolve to a point where we become another species, or post human, is a common stereotype in Science Fiction and a topic of contention among biologists and anthropologists. Are we destined to become more than we or have we reached the absolute pinnacle of all that we will ever be?  It’s an interesting and baffling question that, while having no practical definitive answer, has left its mark in literature (X-Men, Dune and Altered Carbon) and one that Harm’s Way have incorporated into, and pursused with, their latest album, Posthuman.

On Posthuman, they push at, and force their way through, the established tropes and parameters of Metalcore. They’re still a bruising, heavyweight hardcore unit whose songs will light up pits the world over, but they’ve added an experimental edge that incorporates  Converge-ism’s and a tightly focused, less industrial and more organic, Ministry influence into their sound, which adds to the albums longevity and appeal and makes it their most interesting, and immediate, record. They can still more than hold their own with the heaviest heavyweights of mosh happy metalcore, but with Posthuman they’ve become more than what they once were. Harm’s Way are evolving. They’re becoming the future…  Tim Cundle

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