Garbage Man – Aaron Lopresti,Matt Ryan,Dave McCaig,John Kalisz,Jared K. Fletcher (Dark Horse Books)

He only has one thing on his mind-TAKING OUT THE TRASH!

For the first time in over 10 years, the brilliant Garbage Man, gets the spotlight shone upon him once more, as Dark Horse, reprint the complete classic story of lawyer Richard Morse’s abduction and transformation into the mutated monster Garbage Man. Originally finding itself part of the rebooted DC anthology Weird Worlds, Garbage Man was created out of a necessity to replace the hijacked Swamp Thing and made his first appearance as a brand new character in September 2011. Now Aaron Lopresti’s classic creation can be enjoyed in all it’s glory once more, with Dark Horse picking up the ball and running with it.

Garbage Man really is classic comic book fodder as Morse, while on the case of pharmaceutical giants Titan, is captured and turned guinea pig for the soulless scientists who are using the homeless and anybody else that needs to be bumped off, for their super soldier experiments. Assumed to be a failed experiment, Morse’s hideously transformed body is disposed of, but not actually dead. Awakening as the monstrous Garbage Man, Morse goes on a revenge mission, which sees him crossing paths with more of Titan’s failed experiments.

Whilst there is a definite horror comic feel to the book, there’s heart to it too, perfectly hitched together by Lopresti’s writing and drawing skills. The vision of Garbage Man punching his way out of the ground shows a George Romero influence, which is brilliantly embellished upon by the artwork team of Matt Ryan, Dave McCaig, John Kalisz and Jared K Fletcher. The question of what truly makes a hero or a monster, gives the book a deeper meaning and provides the story with a moral yardstick, but ultimately, Garbage Man is just good old-fashioned storytelling. Comic book 101, in the absolute best way … Chris Andrews

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