Destroyed In Seconds – Divide and Devour (D.I.S. Records)

It’s a common misconception, perpetuated by an endlessly grinding entertainment industry that regularly devours the slowest and weakest members of its horde, that the streets of Los Angeles are paved with gold and where dreams come true. Maybe that’s the case for a minority who have been touched by the hand of fate or the unwelcome attention of an over-attentive executive, but for the vast majority, it’s an unforgiving, merciless concrete metropolis that crushes and slowly destroys all who venture inside its borders.

And this often unwelcome truth about the global heart of show-business runs through every fibre of the being of these native Angelinos.  Divide and Devour is Los Angeles condensed to its rawest and truest form, amplified and writ large by Destroyed In Seconds.

If Stampin’ Ground had emerged from the late eighties UK Hardcore scene, had decided that their future lay squarely within the realms of D-Beat and had then relocated to LA to hone and perfect their vision by playing a thousand shows in gang infested clubs and backyard parties, they would have sounded exactly like Destroyed In Seconds.

These true believers don’t make music for the faint of heart and Divide and Devour has been created for the faithful, for those who understand that hardcore is more than just a passing phase and that, regardless of age, if you’re not now, you never were. Get your shit together, suit up, boot up and get ready to be Destroyed In Seconds. Welcome to Los Angeles…  Tim Cundle

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