Zombie For Sale – Blu-Ray (Arrow Video)

Zombie For Sale is a Korean movie that was released in 2019. British distributor Arrow Films has now released it on Blu-Ray, and it\’s a real treat. I suppose comparisons to Shaun of the Dead are appropriate, but this is definitely not anything close to a carbon copy of that movie.

The zombie problem in this movie is produced by an experiment conducted by a pharmaceutical company. It is introduced to the main characters of the movie versus a single zombie who bites the patriarch of the family. When that character gets sick but then recovers healthier, stronger and younger, the family see it as an opportunity to get rich. While that goes well for a while, after a time it turns out to be a really bad idea.

That family is the Park family. They are definitely dysfunctional. Each member of the family has some traits that are less than endearing. Yet, they also have some likable qualities, too. As a family they seem to argue and sometimes work against one another. Ultimately, though, they pull together when the situation requires it.

I know I mentioned Shaun of the Dead, and I suppose just making a zombie comedy begs comparisons to that film. Personally, though, I thought that Zombie For Sale felt more like a Coen brothers movie. For me those movies are so strange that I often feel like I can\’t believe what I\’m watching. Yet, I also can\’t turn away. I felt the same way about this. Some of the camera work and production made me think of Quentin Tarantino, though.

The result is a movie that is often \”laugh out loud\” funny. Yet they manage to bring some real horror elements to it late. They even include some romantic comedy moments. It all works well. There are quite a few bonus features included, but they are just that – bonuses. The main movie is so good, that they seem almost unnecessary. I should mention that this movie is in Korean with English sub-titles.  Gary Hill

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