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Prolific instrumental duo ZOMBI have shared a video for “Diffraction Zone”, the centerpiece of their recently-released new album Shape Shift. In keeping with the band’s stylistic debt to the horror soundtracks of John Carpenter, Fabio Frizzi, etc. the video is a heady edit of clips from a variety of VHS era horror films, assembled by TNUC. Under The Radar rolled it out alongside an extensive interview with the band – check out the video & the interview HERE.
Shape Shift is ZOMBI\’s first release in four years, and marks the band\’s return to the live circuit after a seven-year hiatus from touring. The premiere of \”Diffraction Zone\” lands just ahead of ZOMBI’s impending tour dates with like-minded experimental post-doom duo PINKISH BLACK, whose new album Bottom of the Morning arrives this Friday on Relapse.

You can stream Shape Shift and order physical copies via Relapse HERE. Digital preorders are available via the band\’s Bandcamp page HERE.

Stream \’Shape Shift\’ via Zombi\’s Bandcamp Page HERE

Shape Shift Tracklist:

  1. Pillars of the Dawn
  2. Total Breakthrough
  3. Mission Creep
  4. Interstellar Package
  5. Diffraction Zone
  6. Toroidal Vortices
  7. Shadow Hand
  8. Metaverse
  9. Siberia II

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