WWE: The Sami & Kevin Show – Dennis Hopeless, Serge Acuna & Doug Garbark (Boom Studios!)

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They’ve been the best of friends and they’ve been the bitterest of enemies with brutal matches and turns a plenty in a friendship and rivalry that predates their tenure in the WWE. From humble beginnings in Ring Of Honour, through NXT to a call up to the full roster and a tag team spot at Wrestlemania 34, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have realized so much in their relatively short time in WWE. But it doesn’t end there, as a history such as theirs is prime material for a book and that’s exactly what Boom! and WWE have realized, giving the boys their very own comic book, The Sami & Kevin Show. The extra treat within these pages is the inclusion of four short stories, one of which Undrafted is written by none other than WWE fighting machine Samoa Joe

The most horrific of WWE matches awaits them.  The dreaded Hell in a Cell looms and KO is still doing his upmost to ensure the man formerly known as El Generico, joins the wrestling, sorry sports entertainment equivalent of the dark side. The book chronicles the journey they’ve made together and argues that Owens has had a better roll of the dice with his heel run, ensuring titles and main event feuds with the like of Shane McMahon, while Zayn has toed the company line with not much to show for it. With this divide more apparent than ever, both question decisions they’ve made and as the big day draws closer the pair reflect on their history. But Will Hell in a Cell finally break the whiter than white Sami Zayn or will Kevin Owens see the error of his ways?

The blood, sweat and tears of in ring combat is brought to life by artist and frequent WWE collaborator Serg Acuna, who’s “pop up powerbombs”  jump off the page and even made my back hurt, while the story is told mostly in flashback form by Dennis Hopeless who is anything but. In true WWE style, the real pull here is that this is, for the most part, a true story that defies kayfabe at times and pulls back the curtain a little more on the WWE pantomime. The Sami & Kevin Show is at times a heart wrenching tale, one the most young WWE fan will be able to identify with, of two friends with aspirations of hitting the heights together who are mercilessly pulled apart by the WWE machine. But the flipside to that is we that we also get to see them achieve their dreams of being a part of the big show and at the end of the day, that’s all WWE want to do. Make dreams come true.  Dennis Hopeless has transformed a timeless, classic WWE story into something wonderful… Chris Andrews


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