Wrath of N’Kai – Josh Reynolds (Aconyte Books)


Under the Aconyte banner, Asmodee are entering into a new range of novels based on the world of Arkham Horror and their other popular gaming franchises. Whether intentional or just a happy accident, writing Cthulhu Mythos tales in a pulp detective adventure style is certainly something that brings out the appeal of this world. Lovecraft’s work was famously printed in the pulp Weird Tales magazine, and works written in the style of this era are evidently the way to go!

Wrath of N’Kai is written by Josh Reynolds who, whilst having written a wide collection of works in the pulp and detective genre, has found fame with his extensive releases through the Black Library; so he is no stranger to making the dark and bleak universe engaging and… fun?

The story follows Countess Alessandra Zorzi, an experienced thief with a skill for acquiring artefacts and relics – think high society master thief with a sprinkling of Nancy Drew and Lara Croft. Her latest job leads her to the town of Arkham, and tracks its way through high society, fraternal lodges, speakeasies, and the famous Miskatonic University itself. Along the way we meet a plethora of interesting characters as the story evolves from a simple theft into an intricate detective quest as Alessandra navigates the game of chess that is the underside of Arkham. The many twists and turns through the world of Arkham bring to life the depression era New England setting, made all the more haunting as the mists of H.P. Lovecraft’s mythos descends upon the story.

A great and engaging story that tells a new tale of the Cthulhu Mythos whilst dropping in a few famous faces. Wrath of N’Kai is an excellent book to kickstart this new series which, if this entry is anything to go by, is going to be a big hit with fans both old and new. AJ Laveaux

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