World of Pain – No Utopia (BDHW Records)

You know the usual, by the numbers, \”dramatic\” build ups to over-hyped boxing matches in which the vastly over paid pugilists threaten to “bring the pain” to each other but then never do? Yeah, well World of Pain are the antithesis of that scenario. They’re the Hardcore equivalent of two veteran Ice Hockey enforcers going toe to toe with each other and trading blows, swift lefts and hard rights, for twenty minutes straight without a break. And when they’re finished, all that’s left are toothless grins, blood stains, bruises, multiple contusions and an overwhelming sense that you’ve just witnessed something spectacular. Hitting with the same kind of power as early Hatebreed and Terror with a touch of Leeway thrown in and the dial on their metal-o-meter turned up to eleven, World of Pain do what the previously mentioned verbose braggarts rarely do. They bring the pain. They bring it hard and they bring it fast. So pucker up buttercups, here comes a World of Pain… Tim Cundle

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