WITCH OF THE WASTE\’s \’Made of Teeth\’ Out Now and Streaming


Vancouver, BC Tech-Metallers WITCH OF THE WASTE recently released new EP Made of Teeth. Stream the EP at this location. The blue vinyl 7\” version of Made of Teeth is available for purchase at the same location.

Check out the official video for EP track \”It was Always 3:00 a.m.\” here.

Made of Teeth follows 2013 release All Other Voices, but this time offers an even more intense dose of scathing, extreme metal acrobatics. WITCH OF THE WASTE considers only their musical vision with no regard for scene expectations or flavor-of the-month trend hopping. The band\’s influence are diverse, ranging from CONVERGE to ULCERATE to RUSSIAN CIRCLES, and many points in between. WITCH OF THE WASTE\’s stage show is a ferocious one, to say the least, recalling acts like THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and CEPHALIC CARNAGE.

  1. That Door Cannot be Opened
  2. They Haunt Minds
  3. She Burst Into Snakes
  4. It was Always 3:00 am
  5. Let\’s Say You Have an Ax……
  6. I Bet You\’re Wondering What I\’m Doing With This Here Gas Can

EP Credits
Mark Mckitrick: recording engineer at Mark at Rain City Recorders
Curtis Buckoll: mixing the album Rain City Recorders
Stu Mckillop for mastering at Rain city
Ricky Castanedo: album cover and center label artwork
Jesse Cramer: vinyl insert artwork
Chris Lennox-Aasen: video
Bobby Lisle: Web design/ artwork

WITCH OF THE WASTE is a five-piece metal band from Vancouver BC. Rejecting the technical arms race that overwhelms modern metal, WOTW strives to reach new levels of raw intensity while keeping their aesthetic vision close in sight. Fast, churning and swelling guitar riffs laid over manic drumming played fast, loud, and recklessly topped off with dynamic barking vocals and high otherworldly shrieks. Influences range from Converge, Oathbreaker, and Ulcerate to Sigur Ros. The music is a terrifying exploration and an emotional upheaval.


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