Winds of Promise – S/T LP (Unity Worldwide/ Wishingwell)

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The chances are that if a new Hardcore band features older folk, they will have something of a track history and Winds of Promise is no exception. If I mention bands like Uniform Choice, Unity, Triggerman, Speak 714 or The Killing Flame, I think a lot of you will sit up and take notice. Even more so when you read that this is co-released by none other than Wishingwell Records!

When I heard that these guys were mixing up the OC Hardcore sound with a DC influence, I initially thought this would be along the lines of Ignite, with maybe a bit of Dag Nasty thrown into the mix. But this is far more Revolution Summer- inspired as Winds of Promise bring you a much more introspective sound. In doing so, they pick up influences here and there from some of my all-time favourite bands and roll it into something new and fresh. This brings together the flavours of bands like 411, Embrace and Government Issue which is a pretty righteous marriage of great bands and sounds. OC/DC if you like…

The album bounces between faster Hardcore and slower tunes and on every twist and turn they throw in riffs galore, breaks in tempo and a variety of styles to keep you on your toes. Just check out No One Got Out Alive for what starts out as a speedy old school romp but with little catchy licks wrenched out of the guitars. Of the other speedier tunes, Worn is reminiscent of Speak 714, with a classic Joe D Foster riff before breaking down to a middle part that oozes passion. Compare those songs with something like The Circumstance which is a mid-paced guitar-driven tune that is drenched in the mood of mid-80\’s Washington DC Hardcore. it would be easy to analyse the rest of the album on a song-by-song basis, but I\’d rather let the listener discover the journey on their own without me walking you through it. Personally, my highlights are the slower tunes as they remind me of a time when the likes of Soulside, Verbal Assault or Ignition were pushing boundaries, taking risks playing with heart and soul instead of just sticking to the tried and tested.

Overall this works really well as a collection of songs played in a fashion that is timeless and hits the spot every time. Tom Chapman

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