Way Of X Volume 1 – Si Spurrier, Bob Quinn, Java Tartaglia – (Marvel)

Mutantkind much like humankind, will always have its inner demons. On Krakoa, the mutant paradise built by Magneto where mutants can live in peace, the demons are coming to the surface in Way of X: Volume 1. The only person who seems to be aware of this incoming nightmare is the elusive Nightcrawler and as the residents of Krakoa open themselves to more and more violence, self-loathing and even death, it’s down to our favourite blue skinned mutant to examine the very fabric of Krakoa. And just who is the Patchwork Man that the children speak of. Could he be a long-feared foe of mutantkind?

Si Spurrier is at his very best when writing X-Men and not to delve into spoiler territory, but he is perfectly placed to take the helm here with fast paced action which only pauses for breath when examining the mutant psyche. Nightcrawler himself is a criminally overlooked Marvel character, but is given centre stage here as the mutant’s conscious. Bob Quinn and Javier Tartaglia’s stark artwork leaps out of the book when needed and lurks quietly in the shadows in darker moments. The X-Men has been afforded a whole new outlook since the creation of Magneto’s mutant haven and has allowed new aspects of these characters to be explored. Way Of X: Volume 1 is another fine example of this, in what is becoming a very long line of exciting storylines which is redefining what the X-Men is. Long may it continue….Chris Andrews

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