War On Women – Capture the Flag (Bridge Nine)

Here’s the thing, gender and sexuality is a non-issue with me. My old man taught me to treat people  the way I’d want to be treated by them, that each and every single one of us is born equal and that you should only judge people based on their words and actions and nothing else.  All that matters to me about War On Women is that they play intelligent, focussed, ferocious, anger driven punk rock that questions the social status quo, the limitations, ideas and ideals of mainstream society, identity and individuality and acts as a clarion call to the disenfranchised, the abandoned, outsiders and free thinkers.  Imagine if Black Flag had been born in Boston and had spent their formative years jamming with the Lunachicks, Fugazi, L7 and SSD and you’ll have a pretty good idea of where War On Women are coming from sonically, and it’s a punk rock place that each and every one of us needs to visit and hang out in.  Turn it up, it’s time to play Capture the Flag…. Tim Cundle

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