Walk the Plank – Cemetery Vacation (Say-10)

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Some records, as soon as you drop the needle, hit you straight in the chest like a wrecking ball, knock you straight on your arse and leave you sprawled on the floor with a massive shit eating grin plastered all over your face. Cemetery Vacation is one of those records. I know next to nothing about Walk the Plank apart from the fact that they’ve got an incredibly cool name and they play focussed, driven, energetic, hook laden Hardcore. But y’know, that’s enough, because when a band sounds like a free-for-all Battle Royale in which Slapshot, Annihilation Time, Black Flag, Killing Time, Dag Nasty and Hot Water Music are all odds on, equal favourites to take the crown, then they don’t need fancy calling cards or scenester hype to bolster them, they just let their music do all the talking for them. And damn, these guys can talk. They can really, really talk…  Tim Cundle

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