Video Premiere: Atlanta Arrival \’Misfit\’…

With the release of their debut album A Tale of Two Cities, the band Atlanta Arrival, founded in 2018, laid the musical foundation for the follow-up project to the Saarland band The Satellite Year. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes and by identifying with the city of Atlanta, they wanted to demonstrate their unconditional musical will to survive and their cohesion even in difficult times.

However, during the recording, the project took on new, existential dimensions when, a few weeks after the drums were tracked, drummer Björn passed away passed away after battling a brain tumor. Supported by Björn\’s family and motivated to continue his musical legacy, the band continued working on the album which was produced by singer Daniel Rimedio and mixed and mastered by Phil Hillen in the SU2-Studios.

Atlanta Arrival attempted to create an honest and natural sound, one free from mechanical precision and artificial pomposity. Inspired by emo and post-rock bands who rose to prominence during the opening years of the millennium and the immediately indefinable synthesizer led ensembles of the eighties, A Tale Of Two Cities isn’t deliberately different, but it retains a unique flavour and reflects every ounce of the passion that created it. The result is an ode to the love of music, a demonstration of coherence in even the most difficult times, a musical story of two cities as a symbol of the here and now, the place where Björn now dwells and a record that is absolutely bursting with enthusiasm and hope.

What’s the song about?

Misfit is about being bullied and not giving up or giving in and finding the strength to be true to yourself.

Want to sing-a-long? Of course you do…


You’re feeling helpless, feeling small

You’re feeling useless after all

After all the damage done

Will there be an end?

So many times you’ve tried to hide,

So many times you fled the fight,

You tried to make yourself unseen

They’ll got you in the end

In every crowd you feel alone,

Went to the movies on our own

No one to talk, no one to like,

No one to call your name

Still keep asking what went wrong,

Why their hatred is so strong

You’re slowly starting to believe

You’ re the one to blame

Singing you a song,

Helping you along,

Just try to make it better everyday

Singing you a song,

Helping you along,

Hope that all bad things will go away

You’re stronger than you think, no matter what they say,

So fight back and stand your ground

Listen to your heart,

You will always find a way,

Leave your fears behind

Casting out the ghosts

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