Venerea – Last Call For Adderall LP/ CD (Destiny/ Dirty Six)

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Another day and another new album from a band that many would have thought were long gone. With their feet rammed on the gas pedal, Swedish skatepunks Venerea deliver their new album at full kilter, cranking 14 new tunes of high energy punk rock. These guys once rode on the crest of a wave of Swedish melodic punk rock, alongside the likes of Satanic Surfers, Millencolin and No Fun At All, and this new record is sure to please fans of any and all of the above. This really picks up where they left off, as one speedy skatepunk anthem chases the next throughout the course of the album. The ingredients are all there – loads of anthemic backing vocals, bouncing beats and catchy tunes – and they are shaken up to create the cocktail that hits the right spot. Whilst this is all very upbeat musically, they lyrical picture painted is much more depressing. Tales of loss, betrayal, war and nationalism are designed to make you think. Venerea are more than empty slogans and they do finish up the album with messages of hope in \”Times Are Hard\” and \”A Bigger Man\”. Rounding off the record is a rousing cover of Leonard Cohen\’s \”Hey That\’s No Way To Say Goodbye\”, turned into a Venerea anthem. Welcome back fellas, it\’s been a while! Tom Chapman


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