V/A \”Four Way Split\” 7\” (Pirates Press)


I could be lazy and just start and end this review by mentioning the bands involved – Antagonizers ATL, CRIM, Noi!se and Rude Pride, surely that\’s enough said?! And if you want the icing on the cake how about if I mention that all four bands contribute a new song? A couple of these bands have been favourites of mine for a while now so when CRIM or Noi!se release something new you can be damn sure I\’m going to sit up and pay attention and these new tracks don\’t disappoint whatsoever. I have some releases from Rude Pride kicking about in the collection and their contribution to this fine slab of wax Never Forget has reminded me to dig them out, and even though this is the first time I\’ve heard Antagonizers ATL, it certainly won’t be the last. International street punk unity at its finest. Tom Chapman

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