Uniform – Ghosthouse 12” (Sacred Bones)

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The undisputed heavyweight progenitors of Industrial music, Einsturzende Neubauten took their name, or so the legend goes, from a phrase that someone close to them used to describe their music. Translated, it means, collapsing new buildings and to me that name, phrase, call it what you will, has always summed up, and perfectly encapsulated, Industrial music.  It should be blunt, direct, cold and precise and should hit you like a wrecking ball and pound away at its audience until either they, or the musicians, surrender completely to its unrelenting and unrepentant force and are (figuratively speaking) smashed into subservient atoms. And on the Godflesh meets Revolting Cocks sonic hammer that is Ghosthouse, Uniform do exactly what every good, no scratch that, great industrial band should do. They batter their fans, listeners, audience and anyone who dares to play it, into oblivion without mercy, compassion or compromising their singular, ruthless vision. Their musical forefathers would be proud… Tim Cundle


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