Tyler Cross: Black Rock – Fabien Nury & Bruno (Titan Comics)

\"\"When you make the decision to steal 17 kilos of heroin from under the noses of the Mafia, with nothing but a Colt strapped to your waist and in the waste lands of Texas no less, you’d better be sure that you are the slickest and coolest person on the god damned planet. Fortunately Tyler Cross is all that and more. Smooth is the word, sort of like Dick Tracy but with lower moral grounding.

The creation of Fabien Nury and Bruno, Tyler Cross is set in the 50’s and very much an old fashioned noir piece. The car chase scenes are full of old Studebakers and Buick style vehicles tearing around the streets, the guys wear fedoras and the ladies, well unfortunately they are a utterly dispensable as Cross goes about his shady business. With a reputation that precedes him, Cross is the most sought after drug trafficker in America, but has he bitten off a bit more than he can chew this time around, when he finds himself in the hick town of Black Rock?

The book is instantly attractive and keeps you enthralled from the off. The artwork ties in nicely with the noir theme, but the caricature style in which the characters are drawn, is in stark contrast to the content which at times, can be more adult orientated, but overall this is a great book and like I did, you’ll almost certainly come to realize that Tyler Cross is one of those bad guys you just can’t help but love.  Chris Andrews

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