Two Doctor Who stories they didn\’t make in the 1980s – so Big Finish brought them back…


Two Doctors are literally time travelling today to feature in stories that were originally conceived for television but ultimately never made… until now!  

Peter Davison and Colin Baker reprise their roles as the Fifth and Sixth Doctor respectively, as these 1980s Doctor Who adventures – Nightmare Country and The Ultimate Evil – finally materialise as full cast audio dramas.   


Each of these two Doctor Who Lost Stories is available as collector’s edition CDs for £14.99 or on download for £12.99. 

Nightmare Country was a story idea from Stephen Gallagher pitched for television in 1984. In the audio adaptation, the Fifth Doctor, Tegan (Janet Fielding) and Turlough (Mark Strickson) are reunited in what will be their first adventure together at Big Finish. It’s only taken 20 years! 


Producer David Richardson explained: “Uncovering any lost story is like finding the Holy Grail, but there’s something really special about Nightmare Country because it’s written by Stephen Gallagher – someone whose work as an author and screenwriter we all admire. The chance to work with him on this was very special indeed, and what a lovely chap he is.” 

The Ultimate Evil was written originally for the 1986 television season by Wally K Daly. It was subsequently adapted into a novelisation and an audiobook for the RNIB but only now has it actually been performed by a full cast.  


Wally confirmed that he is: “Thrilled that it is finally being made, albeit in another version. As the script had already been rewritten as a book it was a matter of picking and choosing between the two versions to begin with. 

“Of course some of the action sequences had to be described for the audio version. But as a radio playwright this presented no problem to me, and John Dorney – the script editor – was also extremely helpful.” 

Both of these exciting and legendary stories are released today

Nightmare Country by Stephen Gallagher  

The Doctor wakes up on a planet of relics, a dead world, a hostile world…He has no memory of who he is, or how he got to be here. He’d better remember soon, because the very structure of reality is at risk and it all has something to do with that strange blue tomb with the light on top. 

The Ultimate Evil by Wally K Daly 

With the TARDIS working perfectly, the Doctor and Peri decide to take a holiday. But where? A long-forgotten piece of equipment in the TARDIS storage locker sends them to the peaceful and idyllic continent of Tranquela – home of the Doctor’s old friend Ravlos 

But the land where they emerge is far from peaceful. A hate ray is regularly sweeping Tranquela, turning its inhabitants into savage beasts, and there is only one place it can originate – the planet’s other continent, home of Tranquela’s old enemies, the Amelierans. 

Or is that the only place? Because somewhere far above the planet events are watched by the slimy super-salesman, Mordant, who has his own unscrupulous plans.. 

Each of these two Doctor Who Lost Stories are available as collector’s edition CDs for £14.99 or on download for £12.99.  

Or why not save money and buy both stories together in a bundle priced at £28 for the collector’s edition or £25 for the digital download?  

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