Twelve Days of Titantastic Christmas…


Us folks at Mass Movement, we’ve got a thing for Titan Books and Comics. We love what they do, and what they do is deliver some of the best genre fiction titles for all us rabid geeks to consume with relish, reckless abandon and absolute joy. With that in mind, we thought we’d serve up a Twelve Titan Comics Titles of Christmas list for all you lucky girls and boys who might just be looking for a last minute stocking filler.

All together now \”On the twelve days of Christmas, Titan gave to me…\”


Marvel Avengers: An Insider\’s Guide To The Films

MM Says: Who doesn’t love the MCU? That’s right, we all do and this Insider’s Guide shares the secrets and a ton of those-in-the-know things that’ll make you appreciate the Avengers even more. Which sounds kind of impossible, I know, but this book does the impossible. And that’s why you need it.


Thirteenth Doctor Vol 3: Old Friends by Jody Houser, Roberta Ingranata Enrica & Eren Angiolini

MM Says: It’s Doctor Who in her thirteenth incarnation doing what she does best. Saving the Universe and stuff And it’s written by Jody Houser and brought to life by some of the four colour world’s best artists.  Do we need to say anymore? I didn’t think so…


Santa: My Life and Times by Jared Green & Bill Sienkiewicz 

MM Says: It’s Christmas, it’s Santa, it’s funny, heart-warming, hits all the right jolly beats and it’s drawn by some guy called Bill Sienkiewicz.  It’s already on your wish list isn’t it?


The Philosophy of Deadpool 

MM Says: Crazy is crazy does and crazy doesn’t get much crazier than Wade’s parented brand of insanity, which he shares in all their mad glory in his own philosophical tome. Time to get crazy folks…


Blade Runner 2019 Volume 1 by Michael Green, Mike Johnson & Andres Guinaldo

MM Says: Because whether you want to admit it or not. Blade Runner changed the face of science fiction forever, and even if you didn’t like the sequel don’t worry it doesn’t matter, as Michael Green, Mike Johnson and Andres Guinaldo take everything that made Ridley Scott’s Philip K. Dick inspired opus in new and wonderful directions while remaining faithful and constant to the source material. And that’s why you want it.


Shades of Magic: The Steel Prince Night of Knives by V. E. Schwab & Budi Setiawan

MM Says: Word on the street is that Shades of Magic is one of the go to modern Fantasy epics that every freak, geek and D20 rolling D&D fanatic needs to be reading and this graphic novel adaptation of the first book captures it’s energy, creativeness and spirt perfectly.


Life is Strange: Waves by Emma Vieceli & Claudia Leonardi

MM Says: While, as a whole, we’re not down with the video gaming thing because we’re old and prefer table top boards to circuit boards, one of the slightly younger members of our crew who knows about such things reckons that this book is the shizzle. Which I’ve been told means that it’s two thumbs up and aces.


Bloodborne: A Song Of Crows by Ales Kot, & Piotr Kowalski

MM Says: Everything you want from a great horror tale, it’s all right here in this book. A Song of Crows will give you all sorts of Xmas nightmares and chills and give you an excuse to stay up late and eat mice pies, drink sherry and all sorts of other amazing tasty treats that you know are terrible for you. After all, that’s what Christmas is about isn’t it?


Ryuko 1 & 2 by Eldo Yoshimizu

MM Says: Who doesn’t love a bit of the old ultra-violence that’s backed up by the sort of edge of your seat story that means you keep turning the pages until you reach the end in record breaking time? That’s right kids, we all do and Ryuko delivers both in grand grisly and uncompromising fashion. It’s the perfect way to while away the interminable hours that follow Christmas Dinner.


Wrath of Fantômas by Olivier Bocquet & Julie Rochelea

MM Says:  I’m a pulp era adventure fanatic, and this revival of one of the most mysterious and villainous characters from that period is nothing short of brilliant. Inventive, imaginative and crackling with excitement and a multitude of literary twists and turns that are all wrapped up in the feverishly dark and disturbing art transcends time and allows Fantomas to flourish again, Wrath of Fantomas was one of my books of the year. Pick it up and find out why this Christmas. It’ll probably be the least disappointing present that you get.  


The Michael Moorcock Library: The Chronicles of Corum – The King of Swords by Mike Baron & Mark Shainblum

MM Says:  Let’s keep this simple shall we? Michael Moorcock. Corum, The Eternal Champion saga. Mike Baron. Mark Shianblum. You don’t want this book, you need it. Make sure Santa knows that.


Atar Gull by Fabien Nury & Bruno 

MM Says: If you’re looking for something different to the standard Superhero and caped crusaders fare that comic book shop shelves are filled to bursting with and something out of the ordinary that allows your imagination to flourish and your synapses to fire at a greatly accelerated rate, then look no further. This is the book for you. Send it straight to the top of your Xmas list

Now that you’ve added at least a couple of these titles to your ever expanding Christmas List, you’re going to have to let Santa know where he can find them. And that would be Titan Comics

Send Santa to get them and… Happy Comic-Mas everyone!

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