Toltshock – Retrospective 1999- 2003 LP (Une Vie Pour Rien)

The French Oi! scene has always been one of the most creative and productive ones in the genre. As there were smaller labels putting releases out over the years, there is plenty of gold that has disappeared into the ether, and so UVPR have got a decent mine available to dig out some of that treasure. The latest band to get the reissue treatment is Paris reprobates Toltshock, who were active around 1999-2003.

This release compiles their recordings – including some unreleased sessions – and live material. What you have here is some gravel-chewing primitive Oi! that goes from Oxblood to Raybo-fronted Bonecrusher to trad oi! in the vein of The Oppressed/ Last Resort. I think the mentality is to lace up the boots, hit the streets and when you come across someone you don\’t like the look of – kick first and ask questions later. I had to check myself for bruises and that was only after listening to this on the stereo. But as with those bands I mentioned, rub off the grime and you\’ll discover some excellent catchy tunes. Some will say \”no mess, no fuss\”, and that certainly applies here. Tom Chapman

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