Titan Comics announces the return of ‘The O Men’ – the award-nominated UK superhero soap opera!

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Titan Comics is pleased to announce the return of Martin Eden\’s The O Men -​t​he award-nominated UK superhero soap opera series!

After battling their nemesis Anathema and her Vicious Circle it\’s a very different O Men that we encounter.

The various O Men members have been shot, exiled and brain-wiped – but somehow they are all back! How? All will be revealed! Plus, something is seriously wrong with one of the team, Grace… Get yourself ready for a major shock when you discover what’s going on!

This release also includes an issue 7.0, a special mini-strip reintroducing all of the characters.

\”I\’m very excited to return to The O Men and finally finish the story I started over 15 years ago! I can promise some interesting stories ahead – and lots and lots of answers to the series\’ biggest mysteries!\” said creator Martin Eden.

The O Men #2.8 is available to read on your digital device from March 2, 2016 via ComiXology

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