“Through the Lens” Starts Here – Your First Look at SQUADRON SUPREME #6!

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You may not like their methods, but they get results! But this time – has the team who strikes first and asks questions later met their match? It all kicks off this April as Eisner Award winner James Robinson along with artists Leonard Kirk and Paolo Villanelli bring you SQUADRON SUPREME #6 – the exciting first chapter of “Through the Lens”! Things are about to get personal for Doctor Spectrum. With Namor out of the way she has her sights set on the next person who helped destroy her planet – Black Bolt! It’s about to get ugly. Plus – don’t miss the matchup of the century as the Squadron Supreme’s Nighthawk takes on the Nighthawk of the Marvel Universe! It all starts here as “Through the Lens” kicks off in SQUADRON SUPREME #6!

SQUADRON SUPREME #6 – Written by JAMES ROBINSON, Art by LEONARD KIRK & PAOLO VILLANELLI, Cover by ALEX GARNER, Story Thus Far Variant by DENYS COWAN, Variant Cover by RYAN SOOK & Classic Variant by BUTCH GUICE

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