This Is It! This Is Reality!

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It is terrific to triumphantly reconnect with all involved with Mass Movement.  It has been forever since I’ve been part of this beautiful DIY venture rooted in love and dedication  for what truly matters in this world.

Your esteemed editor, Tim, and I, traded fanzines back and forth in the  1990’s and early 2000’s  when I was an active part of the punk scene in my hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. Thus, as it is a good fifteen plus years later, how blessed am I, as a thriving resident of Mexico, to finally be a contributor to Mass Movement!

This is it! This is reality!

I’m grateful to be alive in 2019 and  I’m grateful to have been able to figure out a little bit more about what matters in this world. Now as I find new footing, and with the healing that comes with knowing the blessing of my eyes opening up to the dawn of the present moment, I am going to be sharing of some of what I have learned, the hard way; on a regular basis, here on Mass Movement.

It has been forever since I’ve been blogging and writing articles, and all of a sudden, Abracadabra, I show up true to form, in perfect crazy person style!! I don’t profess to be anything other than what I am; so how fortunate am I that I am what I am?

Today, I focus on why I am happy, and do so in direct defiance of the pain that I live with (and I am healing from). What that looks like today, meaning this very day, right the F now, in this very moment; is this transformational thing called gratitude.

This morning, I opened my door and there was a small orange kitten. This kitty keeps coming to my door because she knows that I’m feeding two other cats, both of whom have been living with me on and off.  This sweetheart is a bit scrawny and I think she lives in the cracks between my home and the neighboring home.

She has been showing up more and more. I know she is hungry as she eats and eats. She currently is afraid of humans and I imagine she has been hurt by one. Thankfully, she makes her presence known, and I ensure she is able to eat in a way that she is comfortable.

Earlier today, I opened my door upon waking up, as I was sitting and writing, I look up, and there she was sitting on my floor, inside my apartment. This was a true blessing and I again fed her outside, in away that she was comfortable.

She ate three full handfuls of croquetes and she was making extremely adorable sounds as she approached her meal and only stopped as she took her third bite. I am not sure if she was making happy sounds or I’m scared sounds or something else. Something informed me that these adorable sounds of hers were complex in a way I can never know. What I do know is that I love this little sweetheart. 

One of the best parts of being benevolent even as you don’t have much yourself, is that you can actually create your own happiness; it’s really up to you to.

I am choosing to live, not simply to be alive.  Considering the consequences of a life of survival; I attest to the healing power of knowing that no matter how bad you feel; you can impact how you think you feel.

In my experience of learning how to be happy, the hard way, I found out that feelings are the result of thoughts that you can do something about it. Sometimes the solution, for that moment, is opening your door to the mountains surrounding you and maybe just maybe a cute little sweet little scaredy-kitten will show up at your back door. Maybe she is not begging just for food and it does not matter. She gave me the opportunity to give love and food, and for me, in my heart, to be helpful today, to do something good in the world for a creature that had less than me. That is the gift. I know what it is like to not have; so the lesson for today is to be grateful. Craig Lewis

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