Thekenprominenz – Wenn Wir Die Letzten Sind (Spirit of the Streets)

Skinhead music made in East Germany and it has the hallmarks of the German sound and style plastered all over it. The boys look sharp in their Ben Shermans and Dr. Martens and whilst the Thekenprominenz sound is true to the style, there are many more weapons in their arsenal. First of all it is evident that the band is made up of accomplished musicians and you can hear they have spent a long time on both the songwriting and production of this album. A couple of names spring to mind as the album progresses – firstly the metallic, anthemic German oi! styles of bands like Troopers, Vogelfrei  are very much present here, every now and then veering into the top-shelf brand of punk that bands like Lokalmadatore, Kassierer or Eisenpimmel have made massively popular. This is Sid the Sexist put to music – politically correct it ain\’t! But if you think that skinhead music is very much a monotone landscape, Thekenprominenz have taken that black and white template and filled it in with every colour under the sun. Skinhead punk, metal, rock\’n\’roll, a little country, a dash of western and even a power-ballad – all these sounds are given the boots and braces treatment and come together to build a well-crafted album. Tom Chapman

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