The Vintage Caravan – Arrival


The Vintage Caravan – Arrival (Nuclear Blast)
Wow, this is audio ­dope as hardly witnessed before. This young Icelandic band will take you up, up above the clouds for a trip of a lifetime. Blending early hard rock, from the likes of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin with 60s psychedelic rock, and a dash of prog. Add to that potent mix some hints of early 80\’s British metal to give it that galloping sound you know and love. These technicolour horses of the apocalypse will make you squeal for joy instead of fearing the world\’s end. One should not forget however to look past the pills, drinks and green herbs, because about everything is right about the songs. They are hard-­hitting, diverse, melodic and just complete. And that groove, wow, that groove… Martijn Welzen

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