The Resistance – Torture Tactics


The Resistance – Torture Tactics CD (earMUSIC)
Fans of Hatebreed are guna love this album; and featuring members with credentials coming from The Haunted, In Flames, and Grave, it’s no surprise the uncompromising aggressive metal content which graciously spews from the speakers. Heavy, fast and brutal are the keys words here, as the ten tunes which form ‘Torture Tactics’ demonstrate nothing short of an aural assault. The press sheet confidently reads “Be prepared for the violence coming at you” and boy is it correct, as vocalist Marco Aro demonstrates some of the finest snarls and extremities he has ever laid down. Thrashing riffs along with weighty rhythms gives ‘Torture Tactics’ an edge over bands like Hatebreed and lead the listener headlong into an audible array of hostility without the monotone connotation. Including tracks titled ‘For War’, ‘Dead’, ‘Deception’, ‘Dying Words’ and ‘Cowards’ you can get the vibe right away. Clocking in at just over twenty-seven minutes… you will be hitting the replay button, I guarantee. Mark Freebase

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