The Real McKenzies – Two Devils Will Talk (Fat Wreck)

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Some things in life, as Benjamin Franklin so famously remarked about death and taxes, are inevitable.  The sun will rise, the moon will set, governments will come and go and the Real McKenzie’s will continue to release arse kicking, catchy as syphilis in a Tortugan brothel, bursting with energy punk rock records. And Two Devils Will Talk not only reinforces the rule governing life’s constants, but also serves as a perfect reminder that not all of existences criteria are bound in misery and doom.  Combining sing-a-long punk anthems with a folk sensibility and the kind of knowing lyrical wisdom that’s learned through experience and taught by history, it’s the kind of record that I spend my days and evenings voraciously pouring over and consuming every note, syllable and lyric of with the sort of rabid intensity that I thought had long since disappeared, vanishing at roughly the same time as my twenties did. So thank the maker, the Universe or whatever magical force brought everything into existence for The Real McKenzies and the fact that they continue to make albums like Two Devils Will Talk, a record that’ll blow your head off at twenty paces. Praise be the Maker… Tim Cundle

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