The Old Firm Casuals – Holger Danske (Demons Run Amok/ Pirates Press Records)


Lars and his warriors keep on marching on and although they have been banging out releases left right and centre, this actually only their second full-length album. An album is always a different beast to a couple of songs on a single or a split as it gives a band the opportunity to flex their musical wings, and the OFC have done that and then some on this record, with more than a few surprises. Let\’s start off with what you least expected – on the track \”Thunderbolt\” the boys reach back into the depths of Bay Area musical tradition and go and bang out a tune that would be at home on Metallica\’s \”Kill Em All\” and I\’m not kidding.

Drive over to Sunset Strip and we have ourselves a few tunes on here that are pure golden glam – not only picking up touches from Slade or Suzy Quatro but also W.A.S.P. and Twisted Sister. If you think that sounds odd, well it doesn\’t just work, but in fact they bang out some totally catchy tunes in that style, real hits! Mix this up with some heads down thrashing hardcore-punk and that anthemic style that they do so well and you have yourself a lethal cocktail of an album. Hats off to \’em as it would be dead easy to play it safe and just follow the formula that you know pleases the crowd, but on \”Holger Dankse\” OFC have really gone for it, and in my book it has really paid off. Gode sager! Tom Chapman

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