The Macc Lads – Beer & Sex & Chips N Gravy / Bitter, Fit Crack

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The Macc Lads – Beer & Sex & Chips N Gravy / Bitter, Fit Crack CD (Anagram/Cherry Red)
Forty-two tunes of extreme frivolities and totally un-PC connotation – fucking brilliant! Those that remember The Macc Lads back in the day will be able to real off the song titles and wherever your musical roots lie you are sure to know a chorus or two. This double CD re-master of the first two albums from the obnoxious alternative punk rockers bangs out drinking classics ‘Sweaty Betty’, ‘ Blackpool’, ‘Get Weavin’, ‘Now He’s A Poof’, ‘Charlotte’, ‘Do You Love Me?’, ‘Barrels Round’, ‘Guess My Weight’ as well as the uncompromising title tracks of each release. A time when the seminal Viz magazine was a male staple, and music was judged on it’s overall output; those easily offended be warned “plenty of swearing and totally ruckus content”. The lads from Macc were never meant to be taken seriously, the music isn’t technically great at all, but it’s the melody and lyrical content that give these filth hounds their well earned reputation, mashing up elements of street punk and dirty heavy metal. Bonus cuts form the ‘Eh Up!…’, ‘Filthy, Fat & Flatulant’ and ‘Jingle Cassingle’ provide plenty more profanity and bucket loads of laughs. It’s surprising how many of the songs I remember with ease! Go on… if you’re brave enough… live dangerously for a bit. Mark Freebase

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