Heroes Of The Marvel Universe Unite Against Knull In The King In Black #1 Trailer!

Brace yourself for a Homeric Marvel Universe event with neck-whipping twists and turns when Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman kick off KING IN BLACK on December 2nd!

Knull is here and nothing can prepare the Marvel Universe for the chaos and destruction he’s set to unleash. A saga years in the making, KING IN BLACK will be an event spanning all corners of the Marvel Universe as the Avengers, the X-Men, and more are forced to join Eddie Brock in his hopeless fight against Knull’s unrelenting darkness. Will the heroes prevail or will fans pay witness to the beginning of Knull’s reign? 

“All the Marvel characters think that they are prepared for this. They think that they have a plan. Eddie Brock has told them Knull is coming. The thing is, you guys, they’re so not ready for it,” Cates teased in a recent video interview. “Captain America, Iron Man, every single X-Men team. It is all hands on deck. What’s even more exciting than that is none of you at home, none of you are gonna be ready for it either. It all comes down to the KING IN BLACK.”

\”We started out by just trying to amp his look up a bit. I just took his original look and added some knick knacks to it. But one cool thing that happens throughout this story is his look changes as we go,\” Stegman told Comicbook.com about his design for Marvel’s newest villain. \”Things happen to him that make his look slightly alter on multiple occasions. So by the end you\’ll have a new look for Knull that is different from the very beginning!”

Don’t miss the start of the war against the god of symbiotes when KING IN BLACK #1 hits stands on December 2nd.

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