The Interrupters – Say It out Loud (Hellcat)


Damn, it’s been a while since I’ve heard anything this immediately infectious.  The Interrupters should come with a CDC Health Warning, because once you’re exposed to their high energy, Rancid styled Ska meets street punk tunes, you’ll be hooked for life. Brash, loud, insanely catchy and led by Aimee Interrupter, who’s gargling with glass vocals hit like a fusion of Tim Armstrong and Exene Cervenka, they’re one of those bands who flick the punk rock switch and turn the cartoon style light bulb that’s hidden in the middle of your brain on .  And when they do, which believe me, they will, the only thing you can think is “Where the fuck have this band been all my life?”  Listening to Say It out Loud is like reliving the Punk Rock Summer of the nineties all over again, and if you were there, you remember how good it was. Multiply that memory by a factor of ten and that’s how good The Interrupters are. I shit you not…  Tim Cundle


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