The Hip Priests – No Time (Like Right Now) (Cracking Stuff Records)

During the internet lead up to No Time (Like Right Now), I was left scratching my dyed black barnet. Why on earth would a punk band release a 10 minute song? What’s more, why would The Hip Priests release a 10 minute song? Could the Nottingham nihilists be going prog? Have they suddenly joined art school? Have they lost the plot? The concept seemed like strange territory. Well, to my tiny mind… or was it?

The Hip Priests brand the UK as “Shit Island,” and they have more than a point. With political unrest and communities divided post Brexit, you’ll hear many a punk say, “well, at least we’ll get a fresh batch of angry, young talent with something to say.” Maybe I’m old and blinkered, but I’ve yet to see it. Maybe Stormzy is this generation’s version of The Clash. Try telling The Hip Priests that though. On single number… oh, fuck it, I’ve lost count… the band lay down the gauntlet for others more than half their age to question the establishment.

This is the sound of the MC5 bypassing 11 and turning things up to 12. Over 10 years, The Priests have been oversexed with Sonic Reproducer and nihilistic with I’m a Fuckin’ Genius, but with this gnarly, political approach they’ve hit a peak. As if his ego needs inflating any more, the lyrics to No Time are the best Lee Love has penned. It’s all true I tell thee. With calls for riots and revolution, it’s no holds barred stuff. “Pig fuckin’ wankers ‘n’ rich city cunts, at times I wanna lose it and smash shit up.” See?

If you’re gonna push your musical boundaries and have the balls to put out a 10 minute single, then you may as well go the whole hog. Cue Rocket From The Crypt style horns and backing vocals akin to Thee Headcoatees’ Holly Golightly when she joined the aforementioned San Diego sensations. Such is the prolific nature of The Hip Priests, by the time this review goes to press there’ll probably be another single already released. It’s what they do. For now though, there’s No Time (Like Right Now). Time to rise up, kids. Ginge Knievil

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