The Hip Priests / Maximum RNR – Split 7” (Gods Candy Records)

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What’s that? Another 7” featuring Nottingham’s sleaziest punks, The Hip Priests? The band themselves are probably too fucked to count but my dusty abacus makes this single number twenty. Yes, twenty! Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, you simply cannot dispute the consistency of this bunch of scumbags’ output. If there’s a harder working garage band who do more without the aid of a bullshit manager, then please stand up. Nope? Thought as much.

Joining the UK’s scuzziest on this 45rpm outing is Toronto’s Maximum RNR. A band I know less about but with with a name like that I think we know what we’re gonna get, and it’s not gonna be pretty. A seemingly perfect pairing for this package then, and all with super sexy Art Chantry graphic design.

I’m in Exile is The Hip Priests’ first offering and the new call-to-arms anthem will keep their faithful Spasm Gang more than happy as the closing refrain can be shouted back at band live, complete with a bottle of piss in hand. Shithead Emperor, the better of the two tracks in my opinion, opens with the filthy Führer Lee Love’s low end rumbling before Austin Rocket catches his fingers on fire on the fretboard. Nathan Von Cruz rallies at a “mainstream press-pack wanker” and a “single finger Casio arsehole.” Who could be responsible for this “fraudulent shit street poetry?” The Priests’ cage is clearly rattled and that’s when they’re at their best.

It’s Maximum RNR’s turn to flex their muscles on the flip side and the band offer a a more straight-up sleaze fighting style. Here’s a band that could crash through a car windscreen, slash their double denim on the tarmac before tumbling over the finish line without spilling a drop of beer. America and Don’t Hold Too Tight are two punchy cuts and whilst they may not be as frenzied as their British cousins on this release, these Canadians sure have the chops to do some serious garage rock ‘n’ roll damage.

Available on an array of pretty colours, it’s advisable to snap up this 7” posthaste. Singles featuring the The Hip Priests always sell out and then demand three figure sums years later. With the band recently being added to the roster at Muttis Booking alongside Zeke, The BellRays, Guitar Wolf and more, things are only gonna get crazier.

Get on it and then get it on, sleazeballs. Ginge Knievil

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