The Good, the Bad and the Zugly – Vik Bak Meg Satan (Fysisk Format)

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In 2015 The Good, the Bad and the Zugly questioned Who Will Save Scandirock? The answer was themselves! The Hadeland Hardcore album was a tour de punk rock force as these Norwegians concocted a stinking, sleazy melting pot of anger, passion, fun and speed. The burning question now is how the hell do you top a perfectly crafted punk rock opus?

Hold onto your oily trucker cap and swap the can of Skol for something stronger as we have brand spanking new GBZ material in the shape of the Vik bak meg Satan single. With a glam stomping tom intro and guitars that hit like a drug fuelled night gone awry, “welcome to the gutter” is quickly spat in your stupid, constantly ageing face. The band of unruly reprobates are back. Boy, are they back.

You don’t have to hurtle at a million miles per hour to have furious energy and Vik Bak Meg Satan proves the case as your ears split in unison with your stereo speakers. There’s Euroboy style noodling aplenty as the track concludes courtesy of an outro melody that Apocalypse Dudes era Turbonegro would be proud of.

My fake Norwegian spruce hasn’t even been erected yet and I’m already eager to take the bugger down! Never mind Christmas, is it January yet? That’s when new album Misanthropical House is due to land and on this showing it’s sure to make 2018 start with a right royal Scandi Rock kick up the arse. Thank you, GBZ. Thank you, Satan.Ginge Knievil

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