The Flatliners – Division Of Spoils


The Flatliners – Division Of Spoils 2xLP/ CD (Fat Wreck)
Seriously Flatliners, when did you get this good? This collection of b-sides, covers and other non-album tracks is a killer from start to finish. As you dig deeper into this selection you realise that although they have a distinctive sound, there is real range and depth to their sound. From melodic hardcore ragers such as \”This Song Is Like Thunder & Lightning…\” to punk rock anthems like \”Sticky Bastards\” with some ska-punk moments dotted here and there, The Flatliners captivate your attention from start to finish. I think with non-album tracks, often a band has a free rein to mix things up a little but in this case the songs all just have an organic flow. The riffs, beats and words have literally rolled off the strings of the guitars onto tape as if it was the most natural thing in the world. The even manage to offer a killer rendition of the Johnny Cash tune \”Cry Cry Cry\”, which would be way beyond most bands. At 23 songs, this anthology clocks in at well over an hour, which would be far too long in most cases, but The Flatliners have filled that time with an excellent and varied collection of tunes. Tom Chapman

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