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The Dungeon calls... - Mass Movement

The Dungeon calls…

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The sequel to 2017’s well-received Dungeon Masters, Dungeon Masters II: Hunter’s Game sees the world of DragonCorp, DOME and ‘the levels’ expand into the dungeon dimension of Yillarnya. Explore this magical new reality with Trix Hunter and co in their second action-packed adventure, by an author the San Francisco Book Review called “…unashamedly pulp, reminding me of the work of Michael Moorcock and Edgar Rice Burroughs.”

The Dungeon Masters series is *not* LitRPG – the characters, monsters and settings are ‘real’, the challenges deadly. Stargate SG-1 meets Dungeons & Dragons meets Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, the series boasts cinematic world-building, dimensional science theory, and an irreverent cast of characters with a strong female lead.

“Three months have passed since the collapse of the Kh’Borian Rift between Earth and Yillarnya. Pockets of our world dot the dungeon dimension. The humans swept between realities with them scavenge and hide.

Thankfully, Trix Hunter and the survivors of DOME have a base in the Bloodwood, offering the displaced sanctuary until a way is found to get them home. But others are hunting the humans – orc slavers. Orc slavers apparently equipped by DragonCorp.

Where are they taking the slaves? And why? What is the purpose of Site A and Site B? Is there a connection to the trio of strange lights in the sky? The search for answers finds Trix, Yuri, Shen and Elly facing forest horrors, plagues of zombies, and the mechanical sentinels of a city sealed for millennia. Yet something worse is coming. To save Yillarnya First Contact must be made with its military leaders. But the three factions have themselves been driven to the brink of war. An enemy thought dead has returned. The game goes on. The only rule: survive.”     

Mike Wild is a freelance author of numerous books and comics. His first professional sale was the Doctor Who Annual 1983, and he has scripted among others such fondly remembered titles as Starblazer and Masters of the Universe. His novels include 2000AD tie-ins ABC Warriors and Caballistics Inc, five Kali Hooper adventures in Abaddon Books’ Twilight Of Kerberos series, and the fantasy western, Seven Cities Of Old. Jonathan Oliver, then Editor-In-Chief of Abaddon and Solaris Books praised his Kali Hooper character as, “… up there with Fafhrd, Conan and Solomon Kane as a great pulp hero …” In 2015, the author was nominated for the David Gemmell Award For Fantasy.

Dungeon Masters II: Hunter’s Game is out now. Order it here

And if you missed Dungeon Masters, you can get it here

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