The Doomsday Kingdom – Never Machine (Nuclear Blast)

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Anything Leif Edling (Candlemass bassist – mastermind and originator) does creates weighty tones of doom, and his newest project The Doomsday Machine is no exception. Edling draws from early Candlemass couched in a roughness and rawness that add a haunting sense of all things NWOBHM. The truly retro vibe that runs through the four songs on this debut EP are nothing short of what you would come to of expect from the Swedish heavyweight riff-master; and the fact that each song pushes the six-minute boundary validates there is no rush to haplessly bang out just another tune or two. If the contents of Never Machine are a true representation of what is to come, then the debut album is going to be a welcomed slab of Swedish doom: top quality and deserving a place alongside the bassist’s eminent back catalogue. Mark Freebase


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