A New Phoenix Takes Flight In The Avengers ‘Enter The Phoenix\’ Trailer!

The Phoenix has returned but who will wield its unpredictable power? And will they wreak chaos and destruction or life and rebirth? ‘Enter the Phoenix,’ the latest story arc in Jason Aaron’s critically acclaimed Avengers run, will answer these questions and more as the cosmic force stages an earth-shattering competition to find a worthy new host. Some of Marvel’s mightiest heroes and villains will enter the fray but in the end, only one will rise!

The legendary Phoenix Force has been a major player in the pages of Aaron’s Avengers saga. Revealing the key role it played in building the very foundation of the Marvel Universe, Aaron now brings this time and space-spanning story to a startling climax that will forever redefine this omnipotent force of nature!

“The most iconic, primordial powers of the Marvel Universe have been central to my AVENGERS run. And few forces in the cosmos are more world-shaking and potentially world-destroying than the Phoenix Force,” Aaron said. \”Its legacy on Earth goes back to the Stone Age, as we\’ve seen, but we haven\’t seen much of the firebird in the present day. That\’s about to change in a very big way.”

“I haven\’t drawn most of the cast here and it is truly exciting to have this chance with them. They are some classic choices in the lineup but there are also some unexpected and wild picks. It\’s fun all around,” Garrón told SYFY Wire in a recent interview. “’Enter the Phoenix\’ is a high octane, non-stop, thrilling action epic and readers are in for an extremely fun treat.”

Don’t miss the fiery return of the Phoenix Force when the ‘Enter the Phoenix’ saga kicks off in AVENGERS #40 on December 30th!

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