Terror – Sink to the Hell EP (War Records)

It’s always a good day when a new Terror record drops.  They’re a Hardcore institution,  the premier West  Coast wrecking crew who have stayed true to their original vision and philosophy and have never wavered from the path they chose to walk or deviated from the course they originally set out to chart.  And, much like every other chapter in their recorded arsenal, Sink to the Hell is musical juggernaut that gut punches you, knocks every atom of breathe out of your body, picks you up, whispers “Go..” in your ear before hurling you headfirst into the nearest pit. 

Clocking in at just under ten minutes, Sink to the Hell is a savage, furious reminder of everything that the scene could, and should be and will send shivers of raw, visceral excitement up and down your spine every single time you spin it.  Sink to the Hell is everything that I love about Hardcore condensed into four rabid, skull-splitting calls to arms. All I want to do right now, is slam my heart out and find a stage to throw myself off, over and over again… Tim Cundle

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