Terror – Pain Into Power (Pure Noise Records)

It’s been 21 years since former Buried Alive singer Scott Vogel, created hardcore’s next classic band. I’m sure that Terror, in their wildest dreams, never envisioned that they’d still be releasing music in 2022, but here they are with album number eight Pain Into Power. With a slew of now classic material in their armoury, bringing fresh ideas to the table must be something of a challenge especially in a scene that has an overabundance of bands vying for attention, but they’ve done well to stay fresh and relevant maintaining a loyal fan base in the process.

And it’s that ethos, that makes Pain Into Power just as solid an outing as any of their previous work. The title track roars in with a ferocious signal of intent, before crashing into a pit inducing breakdown. The first two guest appearance make themselves known on Unashamed as Madison Watkins from Year Of The Knife and Initiate’s Crystal Pak join Vogel for some rousing shouting. The boys channel classic NYHC with the 44 second track Outside The Lies and shortly after we get another guest in the form of George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher of Cannibal Corpse. His iconic guttural style is the perfect accompaniment on Cant Help But Hate, giving the song a Napalm Death vibe. The album’s producer and former Terror guitarist Todd Jones joins them for some vocal action on The Hardest Truth, before we round the album off with the lurching Prepare For The Worst.

Terror are now a classic hardcore band in every sense of the word and they have built a body of work, that can proudly take it’s place next to any of their contemporaries and Pain Into Power is just another example of that. It’s Terror doing what they do best, but they do it so well, that we wouldn’t want it any other way….Chris Andrews

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