Territories/ The Vicious Cycles – Split 7” (Pirates Press Records)

Time to brush off the leathers and don the helmets, because this pair of Canadian hell raisers are here to take you on a five minute white knuckle ride. Territories start things off with a revving of engines that gives way to a smooth rock’n’roll riff. Somehow reminding me of the vastly underrated Hateful, they combine that classic punk rock sound with snotty vocals and attitude. After gunning along for their few minutes, the inevitable happens, and just when The Vicious Cycles kick into gear the cops show up. A blazing siren, the sound of boots crunching in the dust and then bang, Problem Officer hits you with both barrels.

It seems like The Drowns set the bar extremely high with their album earlier this year so bands like The Vicious Cycles have upped their game, and this seven inch contain a brace of huge punk rock anthem. It genuinely feels like there are a million and one guitars blazing throughout and choruses you’ll be singing along to in seconds on this little slab of wax. Tom Chapman

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